Testimonials and likes

Hi All

Getting close with new website. I’d love some testimonials to add to the site. Also to like my website go bottom of any page and you’ll get my posts and gig updates.

Speaking of gigs – this Friday November 16 from 7pm to 11pm Eugene and I are at Flynn’s in Penetanguishene. Saturday November 17 I’m at Cibolette in Midland and my special guest Sarah Watt will be showcased. She’s a wonderful guitar student of mine:)

6 thoughts on “Testimonials and likes

  1. NONIE AND EUGENES SONGs PuLL AT MY HEART STRINGS .Nonies life experiences mirrored mine as I’m sure others also . I am a true fan. My fav song of Nonies is When August has Finally Come…and the River Grand..I need my fix of her songs right now.


  2. Nonie is an amazing teacher who has inspired me so much! She pushes me every lesson to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new. I am so thankful for everything she has done for me!

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