House Concert, MCC Intimate Music Concert, New Open Mic at Cafe Roxy MCC, Gig in Elora News

Concert Announcements, Open Mic and gig concerts, and Nonie and Eugene Bio

Nonie & The Rolling Sands Band November 28 MCC’S Intimate Concert Series

House Concert Announcement Creek House Concert

December 1 Nonie & Eugene performing

Tickets selling fast

Nonie and Eugene bio

‘after years of travelling and bringing their music, in it’s various forms to folk across Canada, the US and even Ireland, Nonie and Eugene made a permanent move to the area a few years ago, and decided to slow up  a little in terms of travel. As they are often heard to say, ‘another day in paradise’ – yes, they very much feel that they have come home, yet while the long tours have been scaled back the music has never stopped. Nonie has 7 CDs released and is working on a new one; Eugene, who has played on literally hundreds of recording, released his 1st solo album a couple of years back and intends to do another this winter. 

Their 6-piece Celtic group The Celts continues to play larger theatres, but the pair simply love the intimate venues, and in particular they enjoy performing many of their self-penned material. While Nonie ais a prolific songwriter, it is their teamwork, in terms of arranging and breathing life into the material that sets them apart, and which garnered many years of performing on the festival and folk club circuits. 

October 19 Nonie and Eugene visit old stomping grounds, wonderful and fabulous musician – daughter Nora Crete at Shepherd’s Pub Elora 8pm

Licenced and food provided by Georgian Shores

Nonie’s New Open Mic Hump Day (Wednesday’s) 6 to 9pm at Cafe Roxy MCC starting this Wednesday September 25 6pm

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