The Colours of Me

🥰 The Colours of Me -I just received this message from Jill Bolte Taylor “it’s my favorite song too… love love love to you all!”

Jill’s interview with Oprah that got me to read “My Stroke of Insight’ and inspired The Colours of Me

In 2008- just as I was about to release my “Coming Home’ cd at the Registry Theatre in Kitchener on Sept 18th -it was the night before and around 12 midnight as I was about to go to bed I felt a very nasty pain in my head, like someone hit me with a hammer. It was so bad I fell to my knees and I lost my sight for a few seconds. In those few seconds I believed my life was over. As I regained my sight I looked for my loved ones who had already passed to come and get me but I could see no one so I figured I better get help. I actually slithered upstairs on my stomach all the way to my daughter Kathleen’s room and she woke to say -‘ what are you doing’ – I said ‘ help’ and that began my year of headaches. I must say thanks to London Health Science Hospital for saving my life because I had had a brain aneurysm.
In my recovery I started to suffer from depression because I had non- stop headaches that I was told would last a year and yes, they did.
I heard of this incredible woman ‘Jill Bolte Taylor’ who had just been on the Oprah’s show and she had written a book called ‘My Stroke of Insight’. I thought it might help if I read it and understood a bit more about my brain and what I was going through. It certainly did help me a lot – so much so I wrote this song and as fall was in full colour it inspired the song.
I recorded it and that’s what you hear – my 2008 voice and guitar – headaches and all. I can remember tears streaming down my face as I sang it. I sent it to Jill and she loved it so much she asked me to sing at one of her Conferences in Vaughan at the Conference Centre.
She greeted myself, Eugene, Kathleen and sister Nancy with hugs and cried in the front holding Kathleen and Nancy’s hand while listening to Eugene and me play the song. It’s taken a few years but the time had come to finish what began in 2008. With the help and incredible talents of Gary Kreller, Eugene Rea and older Nonie on harmonies- I have never been so happy with the finished results of one of my songs.

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