Attention song writers


Kitchen to Stage
An INVITATION to our musical community
The Midland Cultural Centre is creating another musical opportunity to show off your songwriting skills safely. After the success of our Christmas show everyone is asking for more.
This new show will be “From Kitchen to Stage” a video featuring ‘local’ songwriters doing original material.
We invite local songwriters and composers to submit a video recording of a song or piece. The finished product will be released as soon as we have enough material. (Due to time considerations not all material may be use at this time but may be used for subsequent videos)
Submit a 1-song video with 2 rules: 1 can be recorded ‘live’ to camera from their home (or elsewhere), or if they have a produced product they can use a CD track and put it behind either a lip-sync or a montage of video images or stills – but nothing offensive.
MSS website will post the final product online☺️
Please send your videos to

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