Nonie’s Song Lyrics

Raised In The Good Old Days

I wrote Raised in The Good Old Days in memory of growing up on Broad Street in Penetanguishene and loving my life. At 8 years old there was a for sale sign up on our lawn much to my horror. I smashed the sign a few times and mom said “Nonie, they’ll just put up another. We are moving!” 😪👎

I was raised in the good old days, I was born in the natural way, wore blue tunics and my hair in braids, hot hot summers drinking pink lemonade

I did double Dutch and hoola hoops, I eat Campbell’s Noodles and Ground Beef soup, hung around by the public pool, while daddy worked-mama ruled

(Chorus) I was raised in the good old days, didn’t realize how well I had it made, aoooooo-I was raised in the good old days, living my life like a holiday, aoooooo How was I to know-how was I to know

We watched the best tv least we thought we did, truth is three stations was enough for us kids, too many children-not enough space, we loaded up our stuff and moved to a different place

What can I say about that other home, I was nearing adolescence in the twilight zone, I don’t blame my mom and I don’t blame my dad but those were the worst damn years I ever had cuz


Take Me As I Am

I wrote this song before I had Andrew and Kathleen. I was living in Kitchener and mom was on her way down from Penetanguishene to visit me. I was so happy she was coming that a melody came to mind and I wrote this song in ten minutes.🥰

Take me as I am and I’ll be yours, love me the best you can and even more, careful not to break my fragile heart, stay close at hand and love me as I am

I guess I’m just a sentimental fool, I know I still believe dreams can come true, each morning when I wake I dream we dance, and every day with you brings new romance

The River Grand

I remember getting a call from Alan who was running Fergus on the Grand Theatre and he asked me if I’d write a Grand River song for a fund raiser for the theatre. It was around 10 in the morning. He said, today at 2pm😳

She bends and twists and flows and falls along the sacred land, the river wild calls aloud I AM THE RIVER GRAND, I am the voice behind the wind that sings a dreamers song, I hold the secrets of ancients past my rhythm moves steady and strong, cause I am the River Grand…

Girl in a Crazy World

Just felt very blessed the day I wrote this song.

I was out of sight and out of mind, but not the ramblin kind, I yearned for stability in a crazy world,

And I lacked confidence then, I only had a few friends, lived in a little space in some old lady’s place it was a lonely world

(Chorus) I couldn’t take it on my own, no I couldn’t make it on my own without your love

Now I’ve a boy and a girl, I brought them into this world, she has the eyes of an angel and he’s my little man, they fill my life with amusement, and my heart with such beautiful music, pump the blood through me with such a sweet melody it’s a wonderful world


Now there’s rhyme to the reason and there’s beauty in the seasons, with so many good friends it’s near a perfect world

And for my kids I adore my knees fall to the floor, to thank the Lord above for all these gifts of love, it’s a wonderful world


Cause I was out of sight and out of mind ….

15 Years

I was watching tv muted while playing my guitar and saw what looked like Aunt B knitting in prison. I unmuted and listened to how she had killed her abusive husband when he told her he was going out for a few drinks and when he got back he’d give her and their children a good beating. She was waiting with an iron pan. I used artistic leeway on her story. She’d already been in prison 15 years😡

(Chorus) 15 years behind steel bars, 15 more till they open that door, I pleaded innocent cause it was self defence but that old judge he ruled it a capital offence

My old man came home one night, drunk as sin looking for a fight, smashed my head against the bedroom door, I shot the bastard dead with my colt 44, now it’s


Now I see my kids but from the inside, and I pray they’re treating their loved ones right, cause just like me all that they’ve know is a hell of a life from which they’ve grown


The Forgotten Ones

I was once again watching tv muted while I played my guitar. Rosie O’Donnell was crying her eyes out. I unmuted and listened as she sobbed over a child that had been brutally starved and repeatedly beaten by his father and step-mother till he finally succumbed to his injuries. I joined Rosie in sobbing😪

Lost and lonely and crying again, wishing angels would come let them in to their heaven -heaven

Scared and tortured under the gun, society’s forgotten Ones I cry for you I cry for you

If I could I would tear down your walls, dry up your tears and take care of you all

If I was an angel I’d fly to you side, bring you a rainbow that you could ride to a brighter day and a better way, and I-I would shine like the sun on the faces of each forgotten one

God bless the children in this world, God bless the children who are now in heaven- heaven, for they shall shine like the sun on the faces of each forgotten one

If This is a Dream

on mOctober 5, 2019

I wrote this song a few years after my dad died and then my brother Matthew died after going through the ice on a snowmobile. 

I was having a tough time and feeling pretty blue. That night I had a dream that I was sitting outside at night looking up at the stars. There’s sitting beside me was my dad. The song tells the story

There under the moonlight, under the stars that shine, there was you, And I rested my head on your shoulders, you looking wiser and I looking older, It’s been years since I last saw you, I’m glad you’re near when I feel so blue, but it’s only a dream seems so real tonight

And dad I read in a book somewhere when leaving this world it’s like taking off a tight shoe, and just in the way you look tonight I believe- I believe it is true, though few words were spoken it felt so right so we just sat there and enjoyed the night and though it’s only a dream it feels more real then life

And when you see Matthew tell him I miss him but I know I’m going to see him again, and though it’s only a dream it’s just what I need tonight

For there under the moonlight under the stars that shine, there was you

The Hardest Time

I actually wrote this song with cheryl lescom in mind to sing it. I didn’t feel I had enough blues in my voice to achieve what I could hear in it. I hope she sings it one day🥰

All alone once again, caught in a lonely night. Got nobody, got no friend, ain’t got the strength to put up a fight. Just to servive, feel my way, oh Lord help me make it to the break of day. Give me one thing to believe, give me one thing that can relieve my pain, cause the nighttime is the hardest time for me

I’ve been running all my life just to avoid this kind of night. I don’t like sorrow and I don’t like pain, but every night that old hurtin starts all over again and all my dreams come crashing through when I’m remembering those nights of loving you. Gone is the one thing I believed – gone is the one thing that could relieve this pain cause the nighttime is the hardest time for me oh the nighttime is the hardest time for me

Mr Diamond

Matthew Thompson

My daughter Kathleen (Nora) was born Jan 9, 1991 and we were living in Waterloo at the time. A month later I decided it was time to introduce the new little baby into the family in Penetanguishene. It was winterama weekend and it was bitter cold. It had been a funny winter of warm and cold weather so the ice had a coffee crisp kinda texture and not the best winter for snowmobiles. Lots of warnings and it was dangerous on the ice and very slushy as a result.

The Friday when we arrived, we were at my mother’s appt and my brother Matthew came in early that evening and we watched a movie called “Dad” with Ted Danson and Jack Lemmon.

After the movie mom, Matthew and I talked about how tragedies could bring a family together. It was a very moving and deep conversation I recall, no doubt brought on by the heart felt movie. The next day my brother when snowmobiling and never came home.

My two children and I stayed with mom for a few weeks as I was on maternity leave and I grieved terribly but being empathetic, it was for mom and everyone else’s grief.

I realized I hadn’t grieved enough for my loss when a few months later I couldn’t sleep and I’m watching a forgettable movie about a crooked lawyer called Mr Diamond. He was a red head like my brother Matthew and I suddenly realized that had Matthew lived, he’d look like Mr Diamond in about 10 Years. That was the trigger that set me off sobbing at 2 in the morning and why I wrote Mr Diamond.

Mr Diamond you broke my heart with some forgotten memory. Mr Diamond you sang the part to some familiar melody. So I took a chance on remembering, all at once I started trembling, cause Mr Diamond you broke my heart.

Mr Diamond you had that face, someone that I had seen before. Mr Diamond, you left a trace of someone that I would see no more. Paralyzed by that feeling I realized I was stealing Mr Diamond cause you had that face.

Mr Diamond you broke my heart with some forgotten memory. Mr Diamond when angel’s start to sing that lonely melody, I’ll practice up on my remembering to keep my foolish heart from trembling but I’m gonna need some reassembling cause Mr Diamond, you broke my heart.

Love Gone Wrong

I wrote this song after watching a Movie and it must have stirred up the passion in Latin but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was🤔

If you must stay don’t stay too long, if you must leave then please be gone. For just as the sun grows cold at night, darkness sets in and waits for light

And oh those memories, sweet memories of a love so strong. And oh those memories, sad memories of a love gone wrong

Time after time I gave you my heart, time after time you tore it a part. You once said to me your love was true but don’t actions reflect the things you do.

And oh the history sweet history of a love so strong. And oh the history sad history of a love gone wrong

Home to Georgian Bay

I wrote this song because every time I was asked where I come from whether I was north, south, east to west Canada, or in the States and or even Ireland – I would say “oh, near Toronto” and after some prodding I’d finally say Penetanguishene. I can’t tell you how many times I heard them say “oh that place with all the mental hospitals and prisons.” So now I just sing this song☺️

When I find the need to steal away, I close my eyes and dream of Georgian Bay. Soon I see Beausoleil and I feel the sun shining down on my face. I feel the sun -sun shining down on my face. Such a beautiful day at Beausoleil.

I’m heading to the land of the white rolling sands, end of the highway where the angels stand. For all my memories call out to me “come on home to Penetanguishene. I’m heading home-home is where I’ll be when I head home to Penetanguishene.

I’ll go sailing with my brother on his Hobie Cat, capture the wind out in the open gap. Ride the Musquash rapids or head to Go Home Bay. I’m going to lose myself in the paradise of Georgian Bay. I’m heading home, home is where I’ll be when I head home to Penetanguishene.

Feel the dip of a paddle in a birch bark canoe. See through the eyes of Brûle when he first past through. Hear the native drums from near the Martyrs’ Shrine and my ancestors calling from that little church on the lines. I’m going home, home is where I’ll be when I head home to Penetanguishene.

There’s an endless sky out on that open bay. Near Hope and Beckwith and where an old giant lay. Kitchikewana as his anger grew he created those islands and the grandest one his tomb. Kitchikewana, he don’t wanna ever move from his home of Giant’s Tomb. I’m going home- home is where I’ll be when I head home to Penetanguishene. I’m going home- home is where I’ll stay when I head home to Georgian Bay.

Maybe I’m a Loner

I’ve always been a bit of a loner and yet I love the company of my friends. I know I love the quiet moments and sounds of nature and thoughts in my head during a walk or writing a song.🤔

Maybe I’m a loner with not much to say. I guess I’m just a loner cause I go my own way. Seems I’m never satisfied unless I’m a part. For too many people have broken my heart.

Maybe I’m loner

So if you find you’re all alone and no where there’s a friend. That’s the time you might just find yourself and lend your own helping hand. It’s then you’ll understand the loner in a man.

Maybe I’m a loner

I’m Feeling Young Again

I was working in a nursing home as a health care aide in Kitchener as I love older people and there was one gentleman who was particularly agitated one night. I was called to help out as he was lashing out at the nurses and I guess they knew I had a way with him that could calm him down as he could be very nasty. When I went to him he gave me a good slap. I asked him why he’d hurt me and he actually gave his head a shake and apologized for hitting me. He said in a frightened voice that he was dying. I said we all die but he said his was coming up real soon and he was scared. Then he whispered “I’ve done some bad things”.

I don’t know what he did or why he was so scared but in an effort to ease his distress I told him that he should just ask for forgiveness from himself and his higher power and if he really meant it, he’d be ok. This seemed to help him calm down and he laid back and was quiet for a bit. I was with him when he passed away later that night and just before he died the worried lines on his face softened and he said “I’m feeling young again”.

I wrote this song as soon as I got home that night. It left an impression on me that has never left me. I try to do better and forgive more.

Life is a carousel like falling from heaven and spinning towards hell. Ah but I’m coming back if I got to crawl on my knees cause I’m feeling young again. Yes I’m feeling young again.

I heard an old man cry he said my life is over and I’m going to die. For all the mistakes I’ve made I’m feeling so afraid. Oh, won’t you comfort me. Oh won’t you comfort me.

I held that old mans hand, watched as his spirit ascended out of him. It was a privilege to see for as his light was being set free he said “I’m feeling young again. I’m feeling young again. No longer am I held prisoner inside that old feeling from within. I’m feeling young again. Yes, I’m shedding my skin.

Mother Bird

I wrote Mother Bird for my kids -Andrew and Nora (Kathleen to me), and it earned me a life long knickname🤨. Delighted to have my then 8 year old Nora record it with me💕

Look then leap mother bird told her young. Go on and listen to your heart. Trust in yourself, I won’t let you fail. Spread out your wings and fly.

I know grey clouds can fill up the sky and broken hearts can take so long to mend. But if you try – you can fly that extra mile. Spread out your wings and fly.